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I am a student at the University of Southampton studying Electronic Engineering. This website has info on many of my projects and interests.

I've held an Amateur Radio as M0DNY since 2004, was quiet on the air until early 2010 when I found a local Ham community in Southampton. I then helped set up the Southampton University Wireless Society. For anyone wondering of the appeal of Amateur Radio, K5EHX has a great analogy.

I've had a bit of a mapping-webpage binge recently, here are three of the most useful results:


  • A modern replacement for F6FVY's qthLocator Map that was broken by the API v2 -> v3 change.
    • Bi-Directional lookup of Maidenhead Locators


  • A spartan Marker-Link site.
  • Far easier than wrestling with Google Maps, just drop the marker, name it and grab a link.
  • Supports OpenStreetMap, Google Satellite, and Google Terrain maps.


  • An easy-to-use DX Spotting Cluster for Amateur Television (ATV/DATV) worldwide.
    • Real-time Map of active users
    • IRC Web-Chat facility
  • User Forum at

High Altitude Ballooning

Introduction to High Altitude Ballooning - I presented at the BATC Convention 2013

  • I'm currently developing tracker modules, experimenting with the software on various Hardware Platforms and Radio Frequency bands.
    • CRAAG1 - Pico Tracker, made from off-the-shelf modules.
      • Launch 1 - Failed, balloon blew away without payload.
      • Launch 2 - Successful! Burst at 4688m and retrieved.
      • Launch 3 - With Camera. Burst at 3190m, landed in a tree.
    • VERTIGO - mbed ARM Cortex M3 Payload, built and launched for the EMECS-athon competition 2013.
    • CRAAG2 - Single PCB Pico Tracker
    • POPEYE - Raspberry Pi SSDV Live Pictures Payload
    • SCORCH - Super-lightweight HAB Tracker
  • I've also written HABrotate, a piece of software to auto-track HAB Flights with PstRotator

RTL-SDR Dongles

  • Using cheap DVB-T Dongles as Wideband SDR Receivers.
  • Presentation Slides from BATC Convention 2012: PDF

Southampton University Wireless Society

APRS Projects

  • Running Beacons and Digipeaters with Linux, and the Raspberry Pi!
  • Ubuntu Netbook igate: M0DNY-13 - Down due to some equipment being used elsewhere.

Raspberry Pi

Latest News

6th April - POPEYE SSDV Flown on High Altitude Balloon

POPEYE Raspberry Pi SSDV High Altitude Balloon Payload was flown with the Southampton University Spaceflight Society.

24th February - UKHASnet Node PCB Design sent off to the Fab


Version 1 of my 'shield' PCB for KL25z-based UKHASnet Mesh Networking Nodes has been sent off for fabrication.

For more info on the 868MHz UKHASnet Mesh Network, see the website at and information on the wiki at

10th December - SUWS WebSDR goes public!

The SUWS WebSDR has been set up just outside Basingstoke in collaboration with Noel G8GTZ and Martin G8JNJ. The WebSDR currently covers parts of 23cm and 70cm. Coverage for 2m, some of HF and possibly 6m is planned.

17th July - Photographed then chased BUZZ/ZURG Balloon

BUZZ ZURG Balloon and Payloads.jpg

Another Ham and I set out once more to take pictures of a sunset HAB launch. Got plenty of good photos. The parachute and payloads are quite visible in some! Then Dave invited us to chase with them again, so we did and recovered the payload in a field just before midnight.

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